About Us

http www globeCreating an image and cultivating a corporate identity through internet marketing takes planning and a skilled team proficient with software, design and words.

The Art of SEO

We understand that your professionally-designed website loses value if no one can find it.  That active social media campaign, despite being well-executed, falls short if the company website is out of date.  Great publicity is a missed opportunity if your social media doesn’t keep people talking about your company and achievements.

We are different from every other internet marketing firm.

We aren’t an office full of just 20-somethings with killer tech skills, although we have that.  We started out in advertising, marketing and sales.  We migrated to the internet because we love the immediacy of the internet.

    • 25 years of professional marketing, PR and sales experience.
    •  Journalism, Public Relations, Advertising and Design experts on staff.
      (We really hate typos and bad sentence structure!) 
    • Professional programmers:
      We know how to program in Php, HTML, CSS style, Java and a lot of the canned programs including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal.  We customize a lot of pages for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ and Reddit — and we have writers on staff to keep those pages active.

We can show you how to maximize your image online by producing edgy web designs that communicate your goals and build a social media and corporate presence that increases visibility and reputation.

In 1994 we were born from a computer repair company.  In the 1990s when very few small businesses invested in a website or even their own email domains, we were hosting web servers, email servers and programming bulletin boards, blogs and e-commerce shopping software.  In 1998 we had our first blog — and we soon recognized that the internet blog (an online newsletter) gave our customers immediate access to changing trends and the latest developments in technology that we supported.  We knew then that the internet was going to become a formidable partner.

When Facebook began to explode and individuals were signing up, we knew every business would need to have a unique presence with Facebook.  In 2004 we started customizing Facebook pages for our customers.  As Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit and Linked In each found their niche, we recognized that every business would need at least a presence on these sites.

Because of a strong marketing background we saw how results could be tabulated when  your posted on these sites and then linked their messages to other formats.   Those active social media accounts fed back to our websites and helped Google and other search engines locate the website pages we wanted to rank in search listings.

Let us show you where we think the internet can take you next!